Hungry for success? Introducing our Food Ordering System (FOS) powered by the dynamic duo of PHP and MySQL. This user-friendly platform allows anyone to conveniently order food online with just a few clicks. With two modules, admin and user, you have full control over managing your orders and ensuring a seamless experience for your customers. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficiency with FOS – the ultimate solution for streamlining your food delivery business.

Food Ordering System Modules

Introducing our robust and user-friendly Food Ordering System using PHP and MySQL. With a comprehensive Admin Module Dashboard, you can effortlessly manage all aspects of your online food ordering business. From monitoring order statuses to tracking user activity, our system provides you with an intuitive interface to streamline your operations.

Gain complete control over your registered users by efficiently managing their profiles and information. Stay organized by categorizing your food items through the Food Category feature, enabling easy addition, deletion, and updates as needed. Customize your menu effortlessly with the Food Menu management functionality, ensuring that your offerings are always up to date.

The Orders section empowers you to view detailed order information and make real-time status changes based on the current progress. Experience unparalleled convenience with the Search Order feature, allowing you to quickly locate specific orders by their unique order number.

Stay informed with comprehensive Reports that provide valuable insights into order details, counts, and sales reports based on specific dates. Additionally, our system ensures data security by offering profile updates, password changes, and password recovery options for administrators.

Manage your account effortlessly in the My Accounts section. Update your password, view and edit your profile details, and securely log out. Additionally, access your order history for quick reference and tracking.

Simplify the ordering process with our Cart feature. Easily add or remove food items as per your preferences, ensuring a customized order tailored just for you.

We understand that convenience is key. That’s why we offer the option to download invoices for easy record-keeping. Should you ever need to cancel an order, our system allows you to do so hassle-free.

Stay informed every step of the way with email notifications. Receive confirmation emails upon placing an order and stay updated on any order changes or updates made by the admin.

Experience a seamless and efficient food ordering journey with our advanced Food Ordering System User Module. Say goodbye to complicated processes and embrace simplicity and convenience like never before.