Are you tired of struggling to keep track of all your organization’s events? Say goodbye to chaos and hello to the efficient Event Management System using PHP and MySQL. With this web-based application, you’ll have a centralized database at your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly manage all event-related information. From planning to execution, our system supports a wide range of functions and processes that will ensure smooth operations every step of the way. Take control of your events today with our reliable and user-friendly solution.

With our Admin Module Dashboard, you can effortlessly oversee all crucial details at a glance. Monitor listed categories, sponsors, total events, registered users, bookings, and more. Stay informed about new bookings, confirmed bookings, and cancelled ones with ease.

Effortlessly manage event categories through our user-friendly interface. Add or update categories as needed to ensure a seamless event experience.

Our Sponsors management feature allows you to effortlessly add, update, or delete sponsors’ details. Enhance your events by collaborating with sponsors who align with your vision.

Stay in full control of your events through the Events management section. Add and update event information effortlessly to keep attendees informed and engaged.

Maintain an updated user database in the Manage Users section. Easily update user details or take necessary actions like blocking users when needed.

Streamline the booking process with our Manage Booking feature. Confirm or cancel bookings efficiently to ensure smooth operations.

Keep your audience informed with the latest news through our News management section. Add or delete news articles effortlessly to engage your audience effectively.

Customize your website’s general settings through the Website Setting section. Update essential information about your organization and general website settings effortlessly.

In addition to these powerful features, our system allows the admin to manage their own profile easily. Update personal information, change passwords securely, and recover passwords when necessary.

With the User Module, your guests and registered users will have a streamlined experience like never before.

For guest users, accessing general information such as event details, contact details, and news about events is just a click away. They can stay informed without any hassle.

Registered users, on the other hand, enjoy a plethora of convenient features. They can effortlessly book events, update their profiles with the latest information, and even change their passwords for added security.

What’s more? In case of any changes in plans, registered users have the flexibility to cancel bookings that are yet to be confirmed. Additionally, our system provides a hassle-free password recovery process for registered users who may have forgotten their login credentials.

Experience the power of efficient event management with our Event Management System. Join now and redefine how you handle your upcoming events!